Mr X was like his old mate, canine Jerry with a new toy when he found himself in the heart of fjord territory. Those fjords he’d always imagined. Big, bold and breathtaking ones.

A train from Bergen to Voss showed us many little hamlets and isolated farm houses (which are busily growing that 3% of produce in this narrow window of sunshine). We then transferred to a bus for the most scenic and spectacular 1 hour journey you could imagine. There were numerous hairpin turns on one-way roads, amazing waterfalls and majestic mountains rising out of the water

We thought we had seen it all until we boarded the Fjord ferry for a 2 hour sail through even more stunning scenery. Fortunately or unfortunately, this ferry had great wifi and Ms X was torn between her beloved magpies who were in a tight game against the swans and those magnetic fjords. With updates and commentary from her sisters, both the game and the sights had her attention.

Arriving at the end of our journey saw us in Flam, a little village surrounded by mountains at the end of a fjord inlet. Life in Flam is easy going until the boats and buses arrive in the afternoon. It is a perfect spot however to become a true Norwegian and get in touch with nature, if only for a short stay. Ms X had booked the perfect accommodation- a hotel next to a brewery/pub which was built in a Viking-like style. This whole Norway thing has been all about Mr X and what a better way to finish than with a connection to his Viking buddies.

Ms X even strolled along Flam’s handkerchief-sized beach whilst Mr X was entranced by a lone Nordic swimmer who braved the elements.

The return trip to Oslo via the Flam railway, which seemed more like an amusement ride than a train trip, completed Mr X’s Nordic adventure.