As our travellers leave their Tokyo home after 6 days, they stopped to ponder the things they learnt…

1. Tokyo’s National Stadium, home of the 2020 Olympic Games, which looks like a slightly bigger Marvel Stadium, can show the world how to build a ‘soul-less’ venue. With no history and all photos, pictures or memorabilia hidden from sight, the stadium portrays a place from which not even CSI could lift any footprints.

Every seat here is padded and sitting in the Emperor’s special seat is always fun.

2. The National Stadium does have a feature that the MCG NEEDS for all Collingwood supporters!

This would have been handy for all those close Collingwood games in the 2022 season!

3. If one goes to Tokyo Disneyland with friends, one should dress in matchy-matchy. School uniforms are a chic look, but only on a Sunday.

Our travellers didn’t get the memo.

4. When one wants to ‘picnic’ one needs to bring a postage-sized tarpaulin and then sit in an ordered fashion.

Sometimes there’s even someone in a uniform to direct you to the spot to put your tarp.

5. It’s a good idea to wear loose-legged pants to the interactive LabPlanets Museum. #dontwanttospoilthesurprises

6. Toilets in Melbourne could learn a thing or two. #justsayin

Warm seats, lots of technology and very considerate of the kids.

7. There’s a lot goin’ on underground and it can be exhausting.

Our travellers often played ‘count how many are awake’ on the metro.

8. Not all buskers should busk!

Just like home.

9. Watching Australia get defeated by the home country 7-1 in a World Championship Tournament in a bar in Tokyo only proves baseball ain’t the Aussie Game.

10. Trust us, we’re Japanese.