This day was to be a time of rest allowing a recharge of the batteries for Mr and Ms X.

The Great Torii Gate in Hiroshima Bay.

A day on the train followed by a ride on a ferry, across to an Miyajima Island to see an iconic floating gate. This was also to be an economically-sound day as those pre-purchased 7 Day Japan Rail passes (valued at $440 each) would cover them all the way there, and back to their hotel. The biggest worry for Ms X was supposed be be, ‘ do I need my jacket with or without the fleece, or indeed no jacket at all?’ Little did she know that there was to be a bigger problem than how many layers would be needed!

All was going swimmingly as they navigated the train to Miyajimagauchi Station. Alas, as they disembarked, Mr X found he had LOST his ticket. A seat was found with Ms X insisting he empty every pocket, including all those ‘secret zip pockets’ in his pants, his jacket and his bag. YEP! It was gone. Lucky Mr X had insisted that day that Ms X carry her own for a change. She was able to get off the platform however Mr X squeezed himself through an exit to the sound of an alarm going off! Three rail employees, who had NO english listened to the bad luck story as best they could through our retirees’ attempts at charades with a little bit of Google-Translate thrown in to help. They kept saying sorry, sorry sorry and were very upset for us. Those three thought they were going to be able to find it, even though it was lost on a station 35 mins away! As if! They urged them to go the Lost and Found office on their return to Hiroshima. #theyaredreaming

Mr X’s demeanour was threatening to derail this day of peaceful relaxation. Ms X was being reminded of that Russian taxi driver incident and some may recall how that ended.

As Ms X sailed onto the ferry with her Green Pass in her hand, Mr X was lining up at the Ticket Box with his wallet in his hands. Ms X tried to console him by saying he was lucky it wasn’t the passports!!

Miyajima Island is a place worth visiting. As our two stepped off the ferry they were greeted by the welcoming party- a family of roaming deer.

Now if you are wondering what you do there it is very simple. You wander and you eat an assortment of island specialities as you try to avoid the overly friendly deer who want you to share the squid on a stick, chicken yakatori, pork skewers, okiminayaki skewers and grilled oysters that are shucked right in front of you. There is also a good coffee to be found here in a speciality coffee place!

There’s a temple and pagoda and a hill to climb and an aquarium, all of which are completely optional for one to visit. There’s a scenic walk around the water and some little pubs to enjoy a Sapora or a Lemon Sour.

There’s also the iconic floating-like Torii Gate. How different here to take your special photo. No queues. It was a find-a-spot and it’ll be fine type of attitude.

So as they farewelled the deer and made their return crossing with Mr X having to purchase tickets along the way as Ms X sailed through, the pair plotted their next move. It would have to be joining that enormous line at the Japan Rail office to purchase tickets for Mr X for the remaining days.

Should they or shouldn’t they be bothered to drop by the Lost and Found Office? Big sigh. Even though it was going to be a pointless exercise, they felt they had to go through the motions of ticking all the boxes at this stage. When Ms X presented her pass and explained that SOMEONE had lost its matching pair, they received the miraculous news that it had been found!!!

How it was found remains debatable as Mr X and the Japanese staff have two different versions. You know who Ms X believes……you guessed it, those Japanese are amazing.

And by the way for those wondering, Ms X didn’t take her jacket and for once, it was the right choice!