1. Lots of rules in London eg. on subway stairs you walk on left-and on subway escalators you go to the right…..look out if you are confused and do the opposite as there will be angry Londoners who will try to walk over you (known from personal experience)

2. There is confusion here as to what goes into a cathedral and what goes into a war memorial.

You can’t combine the 2…..but guess you can if you are British. trip to St Paul’s proved that. Impressed by the work of old Chris Wren however, did they have to go and put statues and plaques for every Lord Tom, Sir Dick and Admiral Harry who ever suited up in armour, jumped on a horse, flew a plane or took part in a bloody battle? Don’t know if that’s what Sir Christopher wren had in mind all those years ago when he designed it. Much time spent by Ms X is reliving Chuck and Di’s wedding, and checking out where Queenie sat in her blue ensemble that day etc and looking down that HUGE aisle down which poor Di had to lug that mighty gown!

3. The Brits love a pageant.

Almost gave up on trip to St Paul’s as it was surrounded by army in all sorts of uniform (none matching) and lots of funny looking men in tights and red velvet gowns with feathers in their hats- cathedral was place where army was celebrating their 100 th anniversary of something?? not quite sure what but had to come back in afternoon when all had got back to normal.

4. The Brits welcome all artists and we mean ALL

Being a drizzly morning and St Paul’s being unwelcoming we walked across the millennium bridge to the Tate Modern Museum (free also!) Shared the place with all the french Yr 7s who are on camp here in London this week (don’t think there are any student left across the channel) After trying to defend modern art for as long as she could, Ms X agreed with Mr X that it was crap however Mr X did fancy a white semi-circle on a white wall. Visited Willy Shakespeare’s theatre which was next door and reminisced about Yr 11 and 12 Eng Lit

5. Cricket grounds are magnets to Mr X (and Ms X is so flexible)

At Ms X’s insistence, a visit to Lords took place. Eng V NZ and of course rain delayed in morning. After doing walk-by with sad puppy-dog face, Mr X still couldn’t manage to get beyond peeking through gates (unless he was prepared to pay £65)

6. Randall- you walked across the wrong Abey Road crossing in 2005

Walked up to Abbey Road in St Johns Wood and did the usual dangerous activity of stopping all tjhe traffic on this busy road by walking backwards and forwards….just cos u can! Mr X and Randall had done this 3 years ago but on wrong crossing

7. The national dish of Londoners is no longer fish and chips but curry

Weaved our way on tube to Liverpool St for a short walk to BRICK LANE…. sort of a an Indian Lygon Street. £6.95 for 3 courses- great deal

8. Ms X had better get serious about shopping