After listening to many security warnings from ‘Daughters X’ , a chat with Ian Claridge and another guy from cricket club who were on same flight, we relaxed into the upgraded-leg-room seats that Mr X had secured for us all the way to London!

A quick stop in 35C Dubai airport that seemed like a smoky refugee camp with people camping all over walkways yet hogging all seats with their baggage (very big ugh!) we re-boarded in what seemed like a Daddy day care creche on the plane (very very big ugh!) Lucky we had the leggy seats as compensation. Whilst Mr X shared his choc bullets and minities with other passengers, Ms X wasnt impressed when one man tried to snaffle her Aust OK mag as well as her Maddison mag- feeling a sudden rush of kindness, she offered him one to borrow….. and then proceeded to watch said-magazine passed around plane…..even the air-hostess had it at one stage….it was last seen under arm of model-like Jamaican lady.

After settling in to the Warwick (words cannot do it justice) a walk around Paddington and to Hyde Park was the perfect activity for 2 very jet-lagged travellers. Ms X suffered 2 unexpected blood noses (she was wearing a WHITE t-shirt) which resulted in a major depletion of the clothing items now available in the luggage!!! Those who know Ms X, know she loves the challenge of a stain however she didn’t pack the PREEN.

Sitting in the Paddington sun outside a Paddington Pub enjoying 2 very large chards, Ms X was heard to say some of her fave words ‘ Now this is living’

Like obedient travellers, the next day started with the 2 travellers at Tower Hill looking for the sun-dial which was to be the meeting place for the FREE walking tour, recommended by unofficial travel agent Caitlyn.
After what seemed like a whole episode of ‘Amazing race’, the two sat proudly in front of a small sundial that they had managed to find. Tapping watchers and tut-tutting that the volunteer guide was late, Mr X glanced over his shoulder only to find a whole group gathered in another spot in front of another HUGE sun-dial……boy did they move fast. (think theywould have been eliminated by Phil) Tour was FANTASTIC…. saw lots and heard lots while playing the best sort of Monoploy you could ever imagine all through London. Covent Garden and a Cornwall Cornish Pastie-yummo for lunch
In afternoon went back to explore Tower of London in depth with Ms X having to relate each King or Queen to a movie in order to understand (Natalie Portman-The Other Boleyn Girl, Cate Blanchett– Elizabeth, Sean Connery and Richard Gere– The First Knight etc……)

Leicester Square to buy 1/2 price West End tickets to ‘Buddy’ which we thoroughly enjoyed- no wonder we collapsed into bed after reading 20.6kms on Ms X’s pedometer