This is a research project which will inquire as to whether two 52 year olds can survive alone for 7 weeks, after 20 odd years of holidaying with kids.

With nothing but a map, a rail pass and their pill boxes (plus, in Ms X’s case, a hairdryer, sensible shoes, nice black pants, facial products, eyemask, et al) they embark together on this social experiment.

  1. Will the combined luggage total of 40 kilos (30 kilos when receiving the hospitality of RyanAir) be adequate for the above listed items?
  2. Will there be sufficient topics of conversation to last them for the duration of the eurailpass?
  3. Will Mr X be able to walk past Lords without applying for British residency?
  4. Will Ms X be able to resist the lure of Harrods and the Parisian boutiques?
  5. Will the elimination of Norway and Minnesota from the watertight itinerary be too much for Mr X?
  6. Will Mr X continue to complain about the absence of Norway (and Thermopoli), yet the inclusion of Denmark (and Santorini), at any opportune moment?
  7. Will Mr X be chivalrous and allow Ms X to always have the bottom bunk on all the overnight trains (and also willingly carry all listed luggage up narrow stairways)?
  8. Will the ‘Romantik Hotel‘ in Rothenburg (partcularly the LOVE ROOM) live up to ALL expectations?
  9. Will Ms X be dragging Mr X out of all those War museums in Berlin, Potsdam et al in order to visit OUR Mary in Copenhagen?
  10. But most importantly, will Mr X’s arthritic buttock amd Ms X’s arthritic knee last the distance?

This project which will provide answers for all 52 year olds who wish to embark on a Trafalgar-free tour whilst maintaining sanity (and movement in their joints!)