Do you remember that film years ago called “PLEASANTVILLE”? Well if you saw it you would get a handle on Copenhagen cos that´s what it is like. The people are all so friendly and always greet you warmly, the drivers are the most patient and polite we have ever witnessed, everyone is young, blonde and beautiful, they are all so healthy looking and are all attached to their bikes which they scoot around the city on…… Ms X could go on…………Our hotel was also the best accommodation so far of the whole trip…..yep, nothing but pluses.

We got taken in by all the stories of their old King Christian 4th who seemed to be responsible for all things good in Copenhagen. When he wasn’t fornicating to produce 23 kids that are known about, he was busy building things-castles, summer palaces,moats,bridges and anything else with a foundation basically. His other hobby was posing as there are millions of portraits and statues of him everywhere.

Visited Carlsberg brewery where they even give you 2 free beers before you exit. Nicked around at lunchtime to see the changing of the guard outside Mary and Frederick´s Place which
has no big fence, you could basically walk up and knock on the front door!

Lovely canals, neat and manicured lawns and parks, no graffiti……………………all so……..pleasant!
It ain´t Tasmania but we think OUR MARY could live in worse places.

Okay, I do have to post some warnings for those considering visiting Mary:

  1. It is expensive and they make you pay for EVERYTHING….even phonecalls when you aren’t even connected
  2. The old Danes refuse to adopt the EURO so you end up having to have another currency rattling around in your pockets getting mixed up
  3. Oh, and a lot of places refuse to accept coins! So there you go- if you haven’t got a note there is no entry for you or no coffee
  4. Theres a few OH&S issues-just ask Mr X when he nearly had 2 great falls on the cobblestones. Ms X was so worried about who would come off the interchange bench to carry the bags if he was injured and
  5. Ms X got so excited when she saw one of King Christians pieces of lacy underwear that she did not see the glass separating her and the item and she walked smack bang into it-

Otherwise you will have a lovely time in the City of Pleasantville!