As stated previously, Amsterdam welcomed us immediately. The trams took us to the doorstep of our hotel which was right on a canal. The narrow steep staircase tested Mr X with 2 pieces of luggage that seem to be getting heavier,but he was up to the challenge of working through such predicaments- Ms X’s role was to encourage and offer lots of “Well done, good job, my hero” as Mr X caught his breath at the top of the stairs.

After unpacking we wasted no time in setting out to explore the city so we walked and walked and walked (just for a change) The place was amazing- we felt out of place being on foot as everyone else was biking it ( and despite Ms X pleading to rent some bikes, Mr X just wouldn’t give in…………….no, you don’t think it happened that way? You must know Ms X well!)

The narrow houses appeared to be crooked, almost ready to all come down like dominoes if one gave in, however that added to the charm. Everyone seemed to be out in the streets ignoring their “Sunday night wind-downs” of which Mr and Ms X are quite fond. There was a ´Battle of the Cover´ bands going on, bars and restaurants were overflowing and everyone seemed to be having a hell of a good time- a lot like Barcelona. And the extra bonus was that everyone seemed to be fluent in English.

After enjoying a great meal, we stumbled on a beautiful cinema complex, an old theatre which was a cross between The Como Cinema in South Yarra and the Sun Theatre in Yarraville. Two Tickets later found us in Amsterdam’s version of GOLD CLASS watching Indiana Jones- subtitled in Dutch.

The next day was rainy and a bit cold however after consuming the hotel breakfast of cold meats, cold egg and cheese, we joined the queue to tour ANNE FRANK`S HOUSE which was a great experience. We both found it very moving and easily spent a couple of hours there. next stop- The RED LIGHT district which Mr X found a bit disappointing and Ms X was happy there were few girls around as the feminist in her made her have mixed feelings about walking around that area- she told herself that they had all found other forms of employment and wouldn’t listen to Mr X trying to tell her that they were all upstairs. A bit of culture was needed so there was a trip to see old Rembrandt’s house- the house he lived in and painted in before he declared bankruptcy

Mr X seems to be adventurous in his beer tasting but alas not so in his food tasting. Ms X had the traditional Dutch mushy pea soup and a banana pancake for dinner-yummo

Time to board the train again to head off to visit OUR Mary and Frederick in Copenhagen. We were offered a 6 berth couchette compartment……sorry, but all those backpackers together sometimes means party time and we wanted to sleep. We asked for a 4 berth one, happy to pay more, crossed our fingers and what do you know, we ended up having it all to our selves- don´t you just love the Dutch for organinsing that for us!