Breakfast in Paris:

Boarded our luxurious Thalys train bound for Brussels- before it had even pulled out from the station they served us lovely breakfast on a tray- a la plane style. very nice and much appreciated by Mr and ms X who were feeling parched and peckish at that stage.

Lunch in Brussels

After 2 hrs our train arrived in Brussels where our plan was to get off and have lunch. Over the last 2 weeks Mr and Ms X have always felt very safe but this all changed in Brussels! What can we say- the moment we walked out of the station there were poor homeless people everywhere, the place was littered with rubbish and debris, bottles etc…. all over the place
Still, the intrepid travellers soldiered on and on and on, on this bright Sunday morning
EVERYTHING was closed, even the churches on a Sunday! So we gave up our idea of lunch, took some happy snaps and headed back to the train

Dinner in Amsterdam

From the moment we got out of the station we LOVED Amsterdam. The trams seemed to be waiting for us as we entered the street outside. We found our hotel easily….it was situated right on a canal- perfect…….. and yes, mr and ms X enhoyed a delicious dinner in Amsterdam