Mr and Ms X loved Stockholm. With its waterways, little islands, connecting bridges and historical buildings, it has a lot going for it. Its stylish. The people are attractive. The place is clean and innovative. They seem to have worked things out in an efficient way. Kind of like IKEA yet so much more discerning. They have Volvos, tennis players, meatballs and a lot of blondes.

First up was the hotel. What other place has:

  • skateboards, tandem bikes, motorised scooters and earth mother bikes available for use?
  • A table tennis table on each floor outside the elevators
  • A movie theatre just for the guests
  • Slumber nets for contemplating life
  • Hipster concierges
  • Breakfast and checkouts till noon ……and the list goes on
  • Mr and Ms X LOVED the place! Such an innovative design and approach. Heck, the place even upgraded us.
  • Wandering Stockholm is like walking amongst the old and the new. There’s Gamla Stan, the old town with the palace and European alleyways. There’s an island just devoted to its museums. Miss X chose the ABBA museum and reminisced. We visited the Vassa Museum to discover a monstrous resurrected warship that had miraculously been refloated and restored after 333 years. That was pretty special.
  • We explored the Nobel Museum and heard about the 900 – odd recipients of which 5% were women. Thank goodness for Marie Curie who got 2 and her daughter who got one! With 150 Nobel awards given to medicine, you would think some bright spark would be able to find some solution to Collingwood’s current injury woes.