If you have seen the film, “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” and recall the father in it constantly bragging about the many triumphs of the Greeks, then you may be able to imagine a little of our retirees’ experience in Uruguay.

Residents from Uruguay are the South American equivalent.

According to our travellers’ guides, Uruguay have:

  • The best health care system
  • The lowest unemployment
  • Great shopping, the envy of Argentinians and Brazilians
  • A great education system
  • A long life expectancy
  • A quality of life that is only 2nd to Canada.
  • They won the first ever World Cup
  • They beat Brazil twice in the World Cup to be the champions twice.

Who knew all this, however one of our tour guides made all these claims. The only things that are verified is the World Cup stuff. Not sure about the rest.

Anyway, our travellers enjoyed their visit.

Mr and Ms X departed their ship early, before this little Sth American Xanadu had even woken up. The place doesn’t get out of bed before 10 am and that was in the business area as well.

Some things that these travellers could verify however are:

  • Street art is alive and well.
  • Unlike New York, this is the city THAT sleeps!
  • They have some quirky cafes. Wouldn’t this be fun Charlotte?

  • They even have remains of their historical city walls that we all know gets Mr X excited. and part of which have been preserved in front of their main square.
  • They have the best Empanadas which can be found at the Port Market.
  • And the site of their famous victory many years ago, however this could definitely have some TLC applied to it.

It’s a city that these two knew nothing about, apart from the World Cup victories. They left knowing a little more yet still having big holes in their knowledge of the place. Mr and Ms X thought they might go on their radar at future Olympics as they want to know are they really the ‘my big fat Greek’ equivalent of Sth America, even if it is only in the sporting sense.