There’s not a lot of decisions to be made regarding the night life activities on board. It’s usually where to dine, what time to dine, whether to attend the scheduled entertainment, who will win the nightly game challenge and whether go to the ‘nightclub’ or not. It’s a tough life.

With a ‘no-jeans but no jacket and tie’ policy in the evening, there were casual/ less casual and fancy degustations available (all included. )But it was usually with their favourites, Miraflore and Kevin and sometimes even Simon, in the main restaurant.

Someone is even known to have dessert when he’s in Sth America. He must think his friend Marianne has made them all as it’s common knowledge that he can never resist her cooking.

There’s musicians, and singers, bands, opera singers and even a harpist who perform each night. Our retirees got into the routine of challenging each other to some electronic board games

before their next port of call which was often the…..

Nightclub!! Such party animals, those two.

However as our travellers made their way to their staterooms each night, be rest assured that those ‘jigsawers’ were still hard at into the wee small hours.

And no, despite having a booking Miss C for the onboard planetarium, these two never quite made it there. Hmmm. Maybe next time.