When asked what it’s like aboard a Viking cruise ship, two things spring to mind:

No kids on board and a heated bathroom floor!

There are of course many many other features so maybe describing Mr and Ms X’s day at sea may capture the atmosphere.

First up there’s breakfast, the location being governed by the time you wake up and of course what you feel like. Early risers, late risers, formal or informal. There’s a place and food available that would suit your requirements (except for Vegemite and Lady Grey tea…. luckily these two packed some!). The morning then brings a variety of activities which will be ticked off if our retirees participated:

  • Reading in a quiet nook somewhere with a view✅ So many different places where it was quiet and peaceful. Of course, like the weather, that was always subject to change at any time.
  • Or perhaps a game of Bago with Officers vs Guests 🤦🏻‍♀️.Think bean bag scramble and yep, you got it.
  • Jigsaw mania perhaps? Mr X✅ (He claims he put one piece unsuccessfully in a spot) Ms X🤦🏻‍♀️ believes that this was one of the most intimidating spots on the ship. The group seemed to pull all nighters and they all had magnifying glasses and an ordered way of pre-arranging all the pieces. Think the stress of completing a puzzle on Survivor and this was the atmosphere. It would have been a very hard group to break into….if you wanted to. 
  • Deck games? Shuffleboard maybe? Ms X was worried she would overshoot the target and send it into the Atlantic. These 2 did tick off all the sports on offer on the Sports’ Deck. And what thirsty work it was Charlotte! ✅
  • The spa? Hot pool, hot tub, cold bucket shower, steam room beds, sauna and the Nordic snow grotto (that’s snow falling in an ice room) ✅
  • Infinity pool and outdoor hot tub✅
  • Indoor pool✅ with roof open or closed.
  • Indoor games✅ which were sometimes better with a cocktail.
  • And the noon Trivia game where the prize was always “absolutely nothin’ “. ✅ After working with a few different teams, our retirees ended up finding ‘their team’ who they had a lot of laughs with. Of course, it doesn’t help when 95% of the questions are American however, Mr X pulled one out of the bag with his answer to ” What us the name of a female donkey?” And Ms X impressed the group with her correct answer to ” Who took out a full page ad out in The NY Times to declare that he and his wife were both heterosexual.” her pop culture knowledge/useless info can sometimes come in handy. Our retirees just wished their Trivia Pals hadn’t told them that they were Trump supporters.
  • And you can always make out you know where to point the telescope in the Explorers’Lounge✅
  • High Tea? Served daily at 4 with fancy plates and piano accompaniment. ✅ tried once only to tick it off but too dangerous as a regular practice as many do. Don’t know where they are putting it?
  • Or maybe a galley tour or a cooking lesson with the head chef? ✅ these were highlights.

  • Before a regrouping to sort out the evening’s activities.