At 5.20pm our Barcelona to France train pulled in at the stattion. Mr and Ms X enjoyed their 15min train ride until they realised that it was ythe wrong train! After lots and lots of negotiations with the railway workforce, we soon learned that we had missed our connection and therefore had only one alternative left- a night train which would see Mr and Ms X in separate compartments (male and female only ones)
Mr X had Saheed, a gay Bangladeshian whose watch chimed every 2 mins, Monet, a French Pig who said one word on the whole trip (“Monet”) and an Indian dude who “hates all
people”….fortunately he disappeared for the entire trip.
Ms X on the other hand had the pleasure of the ‘twisted sisters’ from Brazil who had 6 pieces of luggage to Ms X’s one piece! Consequently poor Ms X tried to explain that she did not have anywhere to sit so they moved one piece onto the floor- then Ms X said she didnt have anywhere to put her feet and legs and then that is when Mr X appeared to calm the waters…. alas, it would not be for long! Mr and Ms X both thought it time to head to the bar and stayed there until it was necessary to return to their cheerful sleeping partners- Ms X tried to be quiet and tippy toe however Ms X was of course relegated to the top bunk and in the dark, after she had made it to the top, her ladder dropped on the floor- It was then that ‘twisted sister 1’ stuck her head up, picked up the ladder and screamed ‘ see this’ and then threw the ladder….suddenly she had learnt to speak English.
By morning Mr X had Saheed’s contact deyails in Paris!