Arrived in Zurich to constant drizzle, which continued for most of our stay. That gives one a morbid sense of a place unfortunately, and that was our opinion of the place.

We managed to locate the City Backpackers, pulling our mobile backpacks across thousands of cobblestones (cities in Europe do not cater for wheelchairs or suitcases with wheels), with Mr X then lugging the suitcases up 58 steps this time, in a place that was a bit different, but very central. Exploring the city in the rain, there are of course heaps and heaps of banks and financial institutions all over the place. We made use of our free cruise with our Eurail pass on Lake Zurich, which lasted half an hour and provided a first hand view of the place, with Mr X commenting “It really is just a bigger version of Hobart”. Enough said.

I know we keep saying Europe is expensive, well Zurich is no exception. A é77 (Aus 130+ dollars) meal was average to say the least, not only in quality but also in quantity. Mr X must have been really bored with the place, because he quite willingly went to see ‘Sex and the City’ one evening!

Nice to say we’ve been to Switzerland, but if we could have our time over again, an extra night or two in Austria would have been more preferable.