1. Parking your car in the Roman style!

2. In front of Trevi Fountain

3. Mr X in front of St Peters Basilica
4. Ms X is St Peter’s Square
5. In the Collesum
6. Ms X tempts fate with The Mouth of Truth (from Roman Holiday!)
7. Mr X in the Roman Forum (Romulus’ Temple)
Our accommodation in Roma was a stone’s throw from Termini Station and held a treat for Mr X……a lift, which is very rare in Europe. We were greeted at our B&B by our hostess with cold cappuccino in hand for Ms X-guess it’s the thought that counts. The place only had 2 rooms and our hostess also provided us with TV, DVD, MP3 player, slippers and a set of scales and a late model computer complete with unlimited Internet…..beautiful! (hence we have downloaded photos and updated blog in evening)
Got going via metro to Vatican city and had been warned about long queues and waiting times. Also saw ‘George W’ LIVE on midday news with the Pope so were unsure about whether we would get in or not that day given the Pope had been entertaining visitors. But, not a problem!
Upon entering Catholic Headquarters, St Peters Square, you are simply overwhelmed by the sheer size. You could probably fit 4 MCGs inside the square (which is really a circle) We made our way down below to where the popes are all buried and then entered the Basilica. Now, Mr and Ms X are fast becoming experts on churches, cathedrals and basilicas and they are not biased however this one pretty much takes the prize. It is not overdone and is not filled with military statues like some. Ms X was keen to find her favourite Pope’s remains (John 23rd)as she reckons he has always been the most progressive before moving on to the Vatican Museums. Rooms and rooms and rooms of Greek and Roman artifacts, statues, tapestries, art all displayed in lavish style. We finally reached the Sistine Chapel and just stared with open mouths at Michaelangelos handiwork.
The following day was spent at the Colosseum which was right up Mr X’s alley.He was easily transported back in time to gladiator days. The whole place still looks like it could fall down at any time but this was another one of those ‘pinch yourself’ moments. After 2 hours it was time to move on to the Roman Forum where Mr X delivered the missing chapters in Ms X’s deprived education which was followed by a trip down memory lane reminiscing about chariot races in Circus Maximus……….now Ms X feels obliged to come home and hire a copy of Gladiator to watch but she draws a line at Ben Hur(not crazy about Chuck Heston)
On to ‘The Mouth of truth’…………….anyone seen Roman Holiday?? and then to Trevi Fountain with all the hoardes of tourists. We both turned our backs and threw the obligatory 2 coins in each- one so you will return to Rome one day and the other for your wish to come true.
Our final day in Rome started with us both listening to the footy live through the internet as both Geelong and Coll were playing: Mr X happy with result and for some strange reason, Ms X decided to cut short her listening! Went to Mass at Rome’s Cathedral (Basilica di San Giovanni) which is considered the Mother Church for Catholics.(this was news to us) Walked on to the Pantheon, drinks in Piazza Navona and then ice-cream at the Spanish Steps which are bloody hard work to find.
Observations of Rome:

  • The police are fascinating- they are everywhere and we are not sure if you were in trouble they could help you but if it was a smoke, a bottle of wine, some take-away, some directions or simply some social chit-chat that was needed, then not a problem (we witnessed it all)
  • OH&S officeres would have a field day here. Footpaths that disappear, footpaths with missing chuncks out of them etc….
  • Creativity with parking is encouraged. Just find a space and squeeze in- it doesnt matter what angle everyone else is or dont worry if thats a pedestrian crossing under your car when you leave it there “It doesnt matter” Anyone who knows Ms X well would know how well she would cope with this!
  • And if you are getting married then have all your family and friends follow you around the city in their cars honking their horns constantly