Our visit was short but well worth it. As we had flown into Naples with a view to having a visit to Pompei, we had taken advice and chose NOT to stay overnight in Naples…….great \advice after we took a quick look at Naples( they are STILL in the middle of their Rubbish strike and rubbish piled high in street)


we opted for jumping on local train to Sorrento, start of Amalfi Coast and what a great option that was. Our B&B was beaut with lots of home away from home comforts. Spent the afternoon strolling and sitting on clifftop debating on whether we could be stuffed going down cliff to beach…. we opted for sitting in wine bar at top of cliff and having the BEST, FREE entertainment you could ask for. We watched 5 weddings come and go in the space of 2 hours, complete with horse drawn carriages, tackily dressed bridesmaids, tackier dressed guests,brides and bridegrooms necking stubbies of Amstel beer and crazy wedding planners who insisted on bizarre wedding shots. It seems this is the place for pommie couples to come and get hitched!

(the 3rd photo shows one bridal shot with bride lying down on steps and groom, in military uniform was then placed in a suggestive pose, will leave it all to your imagination……..Mr and Ms X feel cheated with their wedding album!)

The place is great and we were sad to say goodbye the next day but we hope to return ond day and have time to go out to Capri and beyond.