Just up the road from Port Isaac is the little village of Tintagel. It’s not quite as pretty as Pt Isaac. It hasn’t received notoriety thanks to the entertainment world so it has to create its own myth in the form of King Arthur. And “create” is exactly what it has done.

Mr and Ms X were keen to use their Heritage Pass- you remember the one they got conned into at Stonehenge so were quite happy to go along with the idea of King Arthur having a connection here.
Ms C was not so sure that she was happy to when she saw the steep hill down to where the supposed King Arthur myth lurked plus the entrance fee for non-members.
Mr P and Ms C decided to forgo their visit and waited at the cafe next to the entrance. After all, they didn’t have the heritage gold pass. Ms and Mr X smugly showed their pass and entered the information centre of Tintagel Castle to watch a 7 minute film on King Arthur’s link to the place. Ms X continued to be confused. Is this all about Richard Gere and Julia Ormond? Or is it Kevin Costmer or Sean Connery?  Give Ms X a film and she quickly gets her history sorted. So it’s Robin Hood and Maid Marion and King Arthur and Lady Gwenivere …. So where does that Lancelot dude fit in?

It seems that the castle was “built for a king but not by a king”. One look at the number of steps to get to the ruins was enough to make the Heritage Gold Pass members head for the cafe with a “we thought you would join us” awaiting them. Three of the touring party opted for the courtesy bus to the car park whereas one wanted more exercise and guess what, he nearly beat the courtesy bus back up the VERY STEEP hill….. No it wasn’t Ms X!
Next stop was Boscastle.

….where we braved the biting wind and walked to the blowhole. Yes, I know you’re all sick of seeing that jacket Ms X is wearing. Let me tell you, she is sick of wearing it, however in the words of a dear friend of Ms X (Mrs J) …..”It was bloody cold!

As usual all the local dogs were out for the day with their families. Poor Mr J…….he would have loved it there. Back on the road and castle visit number 2 for the day. The attraction to this one….. another chance to flash the exclusive membership card.

This time we all went through the entrance, accepting the audio-guides which is always a sign of being serious. Impressions – this one laid no claim to ‘famous or  legendary’  characters however we all agreed it was a great visit.

A quick stop in Exeter to visit a town voted highly in the quality of life ratings. Hmmm. Not impressed with having to pay to go and check out the cathedral so we all just walked the perimeter.

Mr P and Ms C had booked our night’s accommodation as a surprise. “Snaps for you Ms C. Good one”. A thatched roof hotel in Shepton Mallet. Nice one…… And with a room upgrade for the parents alas. It doesn’t get any better.