An evening Thai airlines flight via Bangkok had us arriving in Ho Chi Minh city at 9.30am. The flights were memorable in the fact that it was almost like the flight attendants had roller skates on. They were scooting up and down the aisles at top speed. ‘ you want a drink?’ Here- swoosh, next…. They moved at the speed of light. Ms X heard them offer her a cup of tea however she didn’t have her cup up in time so, bad luck for her, the roller derby had already moved on.  

Leaving the main doors of the airport and heading to the taxis was again memorable. As the international doors opened we were greeted by a couple of thousand Vietnamese lining the footpath with banners and cheering. We expect that sort of welcome-home from our cheer squad in Melbourne at the end of the month! 
The lovely staff at the Liberty Central checked us in early with Ms X already failing her NO ICE policy as they handed her a refreshing mocktail on arrival. Mr X reminded her of Dr Death’s warnings at the Essendon Travel Clinic. 
The first thing that hits you in HCM are the motorbikes. It’s a lottery crossing the road or maybe it’s a sport??? All we know is we need training and lots of it. The parking garages for the bikes is also A sight to behold.
Without a map in his hand, Mr X confidently attempted to lead us to the Reunification Palace, only to find that we had accidentally discovered the market!
Time to get the map out 


Or, ask someone…… Why not choose the only Vietnamese person you can find who is actually a tourist themselves, who can’t speak English and hasn’t any idea. But that doesn’t stop Mr tourist who points us in a direction that we knew was wrong. We went the opposite way only to find Mr Tourisst finding us 5 mins later to tell us via sign communication that he had sent us the wrong way. 

It was soon time for a pit stop as this map navigating is making me thirsty!!!!!   Who walks past our pit-stop vantage point but our friend, Mr Tourist. We wave…. We have already made a friend due to our common bond of being lost together. 

Finally make it to the palace 

 And have a stop at Notre Dame Cathedral on the way back
  Many unanswered questions about all the rules and politics here. 
A swim and cocktails on the rooftop being kept company by an annoying Kiwi know-it -all before the torrential rains came and sleep beckoned.