Think hot, very hot and then double it. That was Hanoi for 95% of the time. Think sweat dripping off you and that was Hanoi. Enough about the weather cos I think you’ve got the picture now.

Hanoi has many reminders of its past as can be seen during a visit to the former prison that housed political prisoners during the French and ‘American’ wars.

It’s a city that is proud of itself as can be seen by its lakes and parks

 A city that tricks you sometimes into feeling like you are in France as you wander through its French Quarter,
however brings you back to reality when you wander through its Old Quarter
A city of c-r-a-z-y traffic

Where street vendors sell in the middle of all that traffic!
A city that reveres its Uncle Ho Chi Minh and tries to convince everyone constantly that he was a great man, worthy of queueing for a while in the heat in order to see his preserved body.

A place where its ‘cousins’ have statues erected, giving everyone a gentle reminder that this town has friends in high places!


G’day Mr Lenin!



A city that is communist yet has a Catholic Cathedral in its centre.



A place where food from many places on the globe can be found

yet remembers it’s their food, many of its visitors indeed came for.

Oh, did I mention that it was hot? Not quite sure Mr and Ms X have enough water to manage a visit with Uncle Ho!