Ever been somewhere and you think it’s just too picture-postcard?  Too photogenic?   That was our welcome to Slovenia and to Bled. Arriving and seeing that blue lake just blows you away. 

The castle perched ever so perfectly on the mountain, watching over the lake looks almost like it’s gotta be a cardboard cut out. How could they build it in such a perfect spot. 
We stayed at The Grant Toplice Hotel that has photos of some of their former guests didplayed proudly (The Donald and his Slovenian bride, the First Lady, Andie Mc Dowell, a favourite of Mr X. ). The hotel is old worldish, dating back to the 19th century. You can imagine Tito and the Donald having a whiskey and cigar in the bar whilst talking rubbish. 

The weather forecast wasn’t glowing for the area so we savoured our first day and didn’t waste a moment. The stroll around Lake Bled takes around 75 mins but their were many stops to be had looking at the scenery, observing all the localssunbathing and  soaking in the view. We checked out the rowing club for an Aussie friend and declared she should visit. 

Sampling the town’s ‘pride and joy’ cream cake was an instruction given to us by our hotel’s manager and we are all very obedient.

There was tobogganing to be done, canoe adventures, a castle to explore and Mr X is always happy to check out a town’s golf course, especially if it called Royal Bled. 

There were old friends to dine with 

and a ‘gratitude’ dinner to enjoy as well. Our gratitude was for a fantastic 8 days with Mr P and Ms C. Great driving, navigation, tour guiding and great company.

Our time was not disturbed too greatly when the rains came (and boy did it rain). We had seen Bled at its best and will keep those memories.  Let’s face it, the place is so green, it’s gotta rain sometimes.