Our retirees had heard that Mt Fuji could be a bit temperamental. All the conditions had to be right for her to make an appearance. She had her list of recommended spots in the area that she preferred to be found and photographed. Our travellers understood that and were prepared to abide by the rules set by our Japanese diva. It was, in the minds of our tourists, a perfect spring day. They were confident!

After making it to Shinjuku Station, Mr and Ms X boarded the Romance Train bound for Hakone . From there their cable car awaited to take them up the mountain. Thermal springs surrounded them on the journey. Maybe a sighting of the Diva would happen there?

Nope. No such luck!

On they journeyed; this time by Ropeway which stopped half way to enable those two to have one of their famous Boffees (beer and coffee). On they trudged on the 2nd half of the Ropeway which took them down to Lake Ashi.

“Is she here? Is she making an appearance?” our travellers wondered.

Nope. Be patient!

After a lunch pit-stop they boarded their boat to sail across the lake which was another perfect spot for a possible viewing of the Diva. Success?

Nope. You’re dreaming.

Across the lake and onto the shore, our travellers made their way to the famous red Torii Gates where the Diva often appears. Ms X wanted a photo however the queue for posing for the ‘gram was ridiculous, so Mr X got her to stand on the side as he snapped away, trying to cut out the crowds. “Was she there?”

Nope!!!!! Don’t think she exists.

With no appearance of the Diva, Mr and Ms X boarded a bus to take them back to the train station for their journey home. Mr X happened to glance out the back window AND THERE SHE WAS!!!!!!! He said he saw a distinguishable silhouette above the mountain range, similar to a grey/ghosting area on a computer when you can’t click on it. He was adamant. Alas the bus driver began to descend the mountains and so with no photographic proof, all that was left was for Ms X to believe him.

Hakone gave Mr and Ms X a fitting farewell after their long search for Japan’s iconic symbol.

For those who are wondering what it would look like if all the conditions were in sync for Mt Fuji, look below. Our travellers can only dream of what could have been!