On top of the Acroplolis in front of the Pathenon

At the 2004 Olympic Games site

What else, another dinner with an Athens sunset

Well, to be honest we were in two minds about Athens. Maybe it was because we were starting to feel a little tired (wonder why) or maybe it was because we really didn’t want to leave Santorini however we loved Athens the moment we got off the high speed catamaran, looking lost and a kind Greek man asked us where we were going , virtually put us on the correct train and then checked with us again before he got off at his earlier stop. We knew then and there that there was something nice about this place.

It helped that our accommodation was also in a pretty central place that seemed to never go to sleep…. Placka is a maze of little streets that meander around, full of tavernas and shops all being watched over by the amazing Acropolis which was about 500 metres from our hotel. We spent a morning visiting the Olympic 2004 facilities….terrific facilities but sadly let go….Mr X quite devastated however Ms X believes that the I.O.C should assist in maintenance issues or in the allocations of the games in the first place as Athens obviously has other priorities.(the Olympic Games politics was debated here!) The afternoon was spent on a tram going to one of Athens beaches. We relented and rented a lounge and umbrella and had a great afternoon.
The following day was spent climbing the Acropolis and viewing the Parthenon. It was a tad hot and blustery…..no, it was actually blowing a gale and was seriously hot and we nearly got blown off the Acropolis whilst Ms X waited for her text messages on the Pies against the Doggies.

Things to love about Athens:

  • The PEOPLE…… they have now shot to the top of our league ladder of our favourite Europeans.. so friendly, laid back and love a chatter and a joke
  • The food………….something for everyone and even Mr X! Ms X got so excited she even bought a recipe book.
  • The metro………..the CLEANEST we have travelled on by far…..not even 1 cigarette butt on the tracks so Mr X reported
  • The Greek dogs…….they are all around, lying in the shade or even on top of the acropolis! They are all well fed and cared for and they don’t get up for anyone, except Mr X when he wanted to wake them from their slumber….you gotta love the Greek dogs
  • The history (Mr X’s contribution) Ms X had another history lesson.

Bye bye Athens, we had a great time meeting with you all.