The first thing that hits you once you get off a plane in Dubai is that it is hot! The second thing is that it is EXTREMELY hot and you don’t seem to notice pretty much anything else until you have become a bit more acclimatised.

We had fun at the airport and thought we were back home when we gave our cab driver the name of our hotel and he then asked us for directions!!

We had a fantastic night in the desert where our 4 wheel driver took us dune bashing(he had the sick bags at his side in case we needed them) It was fun, thrilling and very memorable. We then were invited to participate in sand-skiing down the dunes- we decided to watch! Camel riding (YES Ms X did do it!) and dinner in a private camp in the desert where we had an authentic Arabian meal which was delicious, complete with henna tattooing, shisha pipes and a bellydancer providing the entertainment,

Only in Dubai…….

  • Does it rain 5 days max a year and then it is only a shower
  • Does it have 2 seasons….hot and very hot with August reaching 45-50c
  • Does it have a DUPLICATE Market (meaning all the fake stuff) that’s what they call it
  • Does a place boast artificial waterfronts everywhere
  • Can it rely almost solely on desalinated water and have parks, gardens and lush lawns
  • Can a person face huge fines if they injure a camel or a date palm tree that are both sacred
  • Can you have a tower 530m tall with the infrastructure ready to add more levels if another country suddenly outdoes it
  • Can you have a huge shopping mall complete with indoor ski slopes and all snow sports of offer

Dubai wants to be the brightest, the biggest, tallest, shiniest, richest, happiest place on the planet. It may be some of these but it certainly is a duplicate city. A place that is trying to be someone else. It lacks a heart…..we found the heart during our night in their desert….maybe that’s where they should restart their building projects )

plus it didnt have any dogs or pets and Mr and Ms X thought that also showed it lacked some soul