Cruise life can be both hectic and total relaxation- it’s your choice. For parts of the day we would find ourselves at ‘Scattegories’ at 10 am and then Trivia at 11 with the Battle of the Sexes at noon. Somewhere within that, there had to be morning coffee!

On the other hand, your hours could be spent moving from one pool to another, from one deck chair to another with book and drink in hand.

Being cruise orphans we filled the time by playing ‘look alikes’, and so, by day 5 we were able to comment on our newly found friends who we had secretly christened eg. Shaquille O’Neal, the Olsen Twins, Brittney Spears, Martin Crane (Frasier’s dad) Red Symons, Kenny Rogers and our all time favourite- OTM (a man with a portable oxygen tank! The list was endless

Of course the waiters all seemed to know Mr Denis and were constantly asking if he needed more buckets of buds. We were even in a Wal-Mart on shore and a guy walks past and says “hello Denis” and it’s one of the pool waiters.

We were the favourites of our dining waiters who knew straight away that I liked hot water each morning as I had my own Lady Grey teabag but I preferred a cappuccino at night.

Would we go on a cruise again? YES, however not for another couple of years

We will have to go on the Carnival Splendor again as we have the TRIVIA CHAMPIONSHIP-TV SHOWS to defend! Two Aussies beating all those Americans! Who says we are competitive?!