It’s a funny feeling to be rocked gently while you sleep and then wake up, pull back the curtains and find LAND awaits!

Many early bird cruisers were already up and at em and off that boat, but we retirees take things just a little bit more of a slow pace. After a leisurely breakfast we made our way to downtown Puerto Vallarta, where street performers entertained, church bells rang and free tequila shots beckoned us on every corner.
A city of a quarter of a million at the foot of mountain range which survives entirely on tourist trade where every type of street seller accosts you on a constant basis. With 3 ships in port that day, there was a healthy trade happening for all.

While many of our cruise colleagues bungy jumped, para sailed or snorkelled, we did our usual inspection of the beach, sample of the cocktails and beer and of course enjoyed lunch right on the sand! A beautiful day!