So what do you do when you have both been to London several times and have ticked off all the touristy things?
Well, you go back to your old favourite haunts as well as trying to find some ‘new old favourites’.  And that is just what we did.
Arriving at 6.30 am at your hotel leaves a lot of creative planning for the day ahead. Not even the ‘ workers are up and at ’em yet!
So here is what we crammed in to the first of our 2 days:

  • A walk through Kensington Palace with all the dogs off-lead running freely. Kate, Wills and. George have headed to Oz so no chance of bumping into them.
  • A stop by Albert Hall. OK, so you aren’t open at 8 am……. Ms X STILL has a visit there on her bucket list.
  • A walk down Bayswater Road through South Kensington checking out all the brand shops
  • A pleasant discovery of The WHOLE FOODS chain – wow. Could you just relocate to Moonee Ponds?
  • Leicester Square to buy some theatre tickets with a stop by Covent Garden for a Cornish Pastie.
  • A trip to Harrods 
    Followed by some drinks in The Terrace Restaraunt in Harrods!