Poor Mr X lives in the hope of  finding some SLADE memorabilia that he hasn’t got already. When he suggested heading towards Baker Street, an area we hadn’t explored before, Ms X was onto his motives. We took the tube there and despite there being a Rock ‘n Roll Store plus Gerry Rafferty singing the virtues of Baker Street many years ago, there was to be NO SLADE ALIVE moments happening for Mr X. Apparently they didn’t have a license to sell SLADE merchandise!

Ms X, who loves all things Cold War, spies and espionage was enticed into entering the Sherlock Holmes museum. That wasn’t cutting the mustard for her either….
It being such a beautiful day, they decided to walk until they tired. So they walked and walked ending up in Notting Hill stumbling upon the Jamie Oliver’s  Recipease Cafe/Shop. 
What a stroke of luck. The place is a deli/cooking shop downstairs with a cafe/ cooking school upstairs.
Ms X had a lamb wrap with Mr X opting for a burger which were both delicious with the added entertainment of watching a young bloke undertake a cooking lesson delivered by one of the enthusiastic young chefs.

Feeling refreshed the walk continued down Portebello Road. Ms X loves looking at Westminster so a tube station was found and Ms X could tick that off her list.

There was one thing left on the ‘wish list’ for Ms X and as she truly believes she missed her calling and often ponders what could have been, they both dragged themselves to Thames House – otherwise known as MI5 Headquarters.

After a quick change, it was back on the road again as Mr X had made a booking for ‘High Tea’ at the Savoy Hotel on the Strand.
The setting on the banks of the Thames was picturesque. The surrounds in the dining room was elegant and the service was exceptional.
Mr X even had some champagne! The sandwiches, scones, pastries and cakes were delicious.  Ms X, who, like her mum could easily have cake instead of main course declared defeat. She declined the final course which was served on the cake trolley!

The day finished with a performance of ‘Dirty Rotten Scoundrels’. Both thoroughly loved it.

‘Why?’ You ask did we make reference to being overachievers in these last 2 London posts? When on a walking holiday, Ms X likes to wear a pedometer. Being the techno addict, she has now upgraded to using Fitbit, that sends her emails after the day’s activities. Following this day she received an email telling her that they were  overachievers walking 17kms!