Mr X had mastered the traffic signs and managed to navigate his way onto the correct highway, heading south. He was filled with lots of optimism as he imagined the wonderful summer holidays that Londoners might enjoy down by the seaside.

As he turned onto the esplanade, his face changed dramatically as he was confronted by a blanket of people and cars all trying to find ‘their spot’ along the beachfront.  Was it school holidays? Was it a public holiday?

Brighton is tired and crass. It is like one big side-show alley on steroids. Every sort of junk food is available for your day at the beach. People were actually lying on the pebbled shore.

The whole place looked like it was stuck in the 50s without any repairs, paint work or modernisation since then.
We tried and tried to find redeeming features.
We sampled their fish ‘n chips and we strolled down the boardwalk.
We even walked the length of the pier, dodging the sidewalk alley and the amusement rides.

We gave up and headed back to find our car. And that’s when the real fun began!