A drive to Wailea exposed the ‘Toorak of Maui’. The golf loving- resort loving- Gucci-Prada wearing set. You know what I mean. Would they be driving to Hana? NO. Why not? Because that would mean they would have to leave their manicured resorts. Each to their own I guess 

Fun was had driving around though before stopping by the golf club to have a drink. Hang on. The Super Bowl was about to begin. Mr X just couldn’t get his LA/Melb/Hawaii times sorted in his head! We settled in to have some lunch and watch the first half.
We were back by 3/4 time whereby Ms X joined the Idaho ‘gals’ in the pool and Mr X watched the remainder of the game. Everyone happy! 
The plan was to go to the other Restaraunt in town for dinner, Seascapes.
This is what our two travellers found: 

UGH! With far too many beers and wines had for driving anywhere it was back to our old friends, ‘Beach Bums’. This time however we were ready for them. M

Ms X: ‘have you anything not crumbed or battered and not deep fried?’ Her spy-training was already kicking in. ‘I’m looking for something light.’ Well that completely through Scotty however full marks for honesty. ‘Not really’ was the reply. together they found3 grilled prawns and a bowl of lettuce with dressing on the side.  See, it can be done.
We tucked up our Maui car rental for the night, thankful that it did not receive the same treatment as the car parked next to us did. A smashed window. Hard to believe in this sleepy fishing village