We first came to Honolulu in 1984, crossing paths with our friends the Van Oois. Back then they stayed in what we thought was the swish Outrigger Surf, whilst we were confined to the Edgewater Towers Hotel. Let’s just say that the ‘chip ‘n dip’ tradition always happened at the Van Ooi’s pad in those days. Our old place stands no longer, although it holds the title of having the first ever pool in Waikiki!!!

Memories of John and Mr X on surfboards all day at Waikiki whilst Mr X turned a deep beetroot colour were remembered fondly on our flight back from Maui.
We had since been back to Honolulu in 1995, this time with Ms C and Ms A in tow. Ms C recalled the room number of the hotel in which we stayed back then, Room 1000. She thought that was just the best number for a hotel room! Ms A remembers the jeep without the top that we hired to explore the island. Mr and Ms X are a little foggy about that trip now but they have put their spy skills to the test and have remembered it was the Mirimar Hotel that housed them in Room 1000!
On arrival this time in Honolulu we shared a cab from the airport into Waikiki with a lovely couple from Alabama. He was a definite ‘Ashton Kutcher look-alike’. This was our 2nd Airbnb experience and our host this time was Francisco. The view and the balcony great. The location, great. 

The condo……. Cosy!  We are very rarely here so it’s cosiness  hasn’t bothered us. Ms X only had to email Francisco about the hairdryer malfunction and he replaced it quick smart.So far so good with Airbnb
Walking up and down Kalaluha Avenue is easy, safe and like visiting an old friend.

Somethings have changed and some things , haven’t. The ABC stores are still there although we think the number of them have have doubled. 

There is always something to spot.  Cheesecake anyone?
The gun shop with inviting signs on the stairs…
Perhaps matchy-matchy outfits?

Ah, and there she is, the Pink Palace!