Up and at ’em early to get to Diamond Head to tick off another sight seeing moment. 

Unlike Cinque Tera in Italy, water bottles were in hand.( Well, Mr X had his. Ms X left her bottle in the uber cab on the way. Her spy skills are rusty)
 Unlike Sigiriya in Sri Lanka we actually finished the task at hand.
The steps were challenging in parts
but when one has conquered Cinque  Tera, it was a stroll in the park. 
Lots of photo opportunities at the top, overlooking Honolulu

We enjoyed looking at the map below and seeing how far spread out in the world our family is at the moment. Mexico, Hawaii, Melbourne. 

On the way down a battle weary very large American who was on his way up yelled out to these two who had just finished the circuit,  ‘hey you two, you look like you blitzed that mountain’  The 2 spring chickens flew the rest of the way down. 

The evidence: