So life in Nha Trang went something like this:
“Would you like to go snorkelling Madame?”       Nah, there’s effort involved
“What about a boat trip to visit the islands?”        2 hrs there and 2 hrs back? I don’t think so!
“How about going to Vinpearl, Nha Trang’s version of Disneyland?”  With all those kids? You gotta be kidding me 
“I can book some massages for you Sir and Madame?”     Splendid!


“Would you like to sit back and enjoy the beach sir?”     Good idea!  I’ll just rest this toe


“Can I get you a beer by the pool sir and a mango lassie for you Madame. ?”    If you must!


“Time for your afternoon tea?”       You betcha

 “With your spring rolls of course sir”. Can’t break my daily ritual!
“And a stroll along the beachfront?”  Sure


“Can we interest you in some shopping? We understand Madame fancies herself as a spy”      

 !!??!!!!!! Interesting t-shirts!

“Would you like a cocktail Madame?”     Yes please. Oh, it’s Happy Hour? Wonderful

“And tomorrow?”     Same same!