They say you should never go back to places where your memories are held to a high degree. Things will have changed and you’ll be disappointed. In the case of revisiting our honeymoon resort this was not totally the case. Yes, the name had changed and the old place may need a coat of paint or two, but she was still standing. So what that she opted to switch from Pertamina Cottages to  ‘PATRA JASA’ resort and villas! She even had security on the long drive way, checking in our taxi’s boot and using a security mirror to check under the car! Mr and Ms X spent some time wandering the grounds, debating where ‘the former Marwar Grill’ was and in which cottage they stayed. Lunch was had in the dining room whilst the new pool was discussed and Mr X also managed to get concierge to drive the pair back to Seminyak. The old girl is still delivering such great service!