Now there’s a lot that is said about Tiger Airlines. They may be slack domestically but give them Terminal 2 at Melbourne Airport and they excel.
Ask for exit row seats at check in and bingo, you have them. You just have to ask! AND they were free.
The flight attendants, lovely! (Although the poor things have to wear cheap dresses that could do with some good old anti-static spray)
They leave on time when they have an international schedule, just not when they have to go to Sydney.
They trust you with the amount of carry-on when you are leaving Australia, no weighing. They have other things on their mind.
They also land on time. Perfect.
Staying in a private villa also has its advantages. As well as a private pool you also get the biggest bathroom ever built. When pressed for telling the reception if you are celebrating anything, you casually mention in an email that it is 35 years since you last visited Bali on your honeymoon. You then get this on arrival!

A ‘Potato-head’ sunset!
Always ‘Boffee-time’ in Bali.