The first sight we saw as we crossed over the railway tracks alongside the Danube in the centre of Budapest was a uniformed officer wearing a huge smile. It was Our Mimir Program Director (PD) awaiting all the passengers’ arrival. 

To describe life on the river, maybe pictures capture it more than words.

Life on board can be tough
Our favourite ‘dancing partners’ who helped us rev up the dance floor….maybe with different styles
Chef Yacob, explaining the dinner menu
How to make an authentic Apple Strudel
Passing through Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia.
You can always listen to the PD’s lectures and instructions from the comfort of your room!
You control it with the joystick?
Checking out the WHEEL HOUSE with the Captain.

Life on the river can be unpredictable. The water may be high. The water may be low. The locks may take 20 minutes to pass through or longer. Schedules may need to be flexible. Passengers need to be flexible. “It is what it is!!”