As the Viking Mimir made its way along the Danube, it stopped to allow Ms and Mr X to hop off and visit some of these small towns. As you are sailing, it’s always good to be aware that the Austrians and Germans who live along the river are sun-lovers and you need to be prepared to view more than smiling faces. One memory that will remain will be the old naked cyclist. He wasn’t pushing any pedals, preferring to walk along side his bicycle, starkers,  😂 naked and proud.


Situated in the Danube Valley is the little town of Melk. Its claim to fame has to be its 900 year old Abbey which still functions today as an Abbey and a school. You would think that if you were one of the 500 students there, your fate would be pretty much sealed due to the whole package of the place. Be aware Melk…….. Ms X has you on her list to ‘sell’.  The ‘ABC’ visits are getting to her (another beautiful church, or, another big church or another bloody church).  Ms X believes there could be a dint made in world poverty if some of these ABCs could be sold off. Be warned Melk, you are on the list!!!!  Today’s rant is over 😉

Street performers in the Main Street
…..and more!

You have to give extra marks to a guide who turns up for a guided walking tour in lederhosen. They already have made an effort. Chris our guide made more than an effort with perhaps needing to turn down his enthusiasm dial a few notches!!

The town was quaint and we heard about its rich history with stories of those rich Catholics!! We were invited into the cathedral to hear an organ concert- just a short one with the biggest cathedral organ in the world. Mr and Ms X were very compliant despite wanting to voice a comment that a friend of Ms X would have said “when faced with a similar invitation: I’d rather go to jail” As the travelling pair were seated behind 3 nuns they thought they would do the right thing and just close their eyes and think of tropical islands or a Collingwood premiership. There were several awkward moments when those hands of theirs were ready to clap, only to find the concert hadn’t finished. It was a first world problem I know.

Today was the day that the boat needed to go into dry dock for some minor repairs so this meant lunch at a local restaurant. More folk to meet, this time a retired engineer, chemical engineer and a teacher….. who all turned out to be Trump-voters!

A wander through the town saw Mr X trying to locate the golf shop he had spied on the walking tour earlier. Ms X wandered into a jewellery shop to browse, casually asking the sales  assistant where the golf shop was. She remarked that the town didn’t have one and then she laughed. Across the street there was a chocolate shop that made chocolates in the shape of golf balls. They were displayed in the front window. Poor Mr X. Disappointment reigned momentarily.

Regensburg is a little preserved town that had been untouched by war.  It’s pleasant and easy to navigate.
The highlight of this visit would be our guide who had a lot of tricks us his sleeve.  Just hearing the way he said REGENSBURG like Colonel Klink on Hogan’s Heroes scared the life out of us. He pulled out some SNUFF which a lot of Bavarians use, inviting us to try some. It is like W-I-C-K-S he kept saying. Ms X did exactly what she had told her kids never to do. Trying something without not knowing exactly what it was. It could have been Bavarian cocaine! It was like WICKS (or VICKS as they refer to the smell down under.) ​

​We met up  for a personal wander around town with our PD daughter. Mr X had heard there was a golf museum in town so Ms X and Ms C agreed to go with him. Oh dear. The museum, along with all the shops was closed due to it being a public holiday 😏
Time for lunch in a typical Bavarian been garden where a typical Bavarian Oompa Loompa band entertained us as we ate our Weiner Schnitzel and sauerkraut. Those guys in those lederhosen can sure pack away some beers.  We had a table full of priests/brothers beside us and they could also pack away some beers along with some shots as well.

Along the way back to the boat, Ms C performed a reenactment at the exact site where she broke her foot several seasons ago. Ouch!


Mr and Ms X decided on the optional extra tour to visit Nuremberg in depth with a WWII perspective. It was well worth it. They were able to visit Zeppelin Field, the site of Hitler’s massive rallies. The size of the area and the infrastructure that the Nazis built needed to be seen to be believed.  Next was the partially completed Nazi Congress Hall which had been modelled on Rome’s coliseum. Again, unbelievable. There was a chance to go through the Documentation Centre Housed in the Congress Hall,  and this proved to be very informative. 

Finally a visit to Courtroom 600, the exact room in which the Nuremberg war trials were held, brought some shivers up your spine.