Rothenburg ob der Tauber
The travellers decided on the optional extra tour which took them to Rothenburg ob der Tauber, the scene of their big fight 10 years ago as they navigated the Romantic Road in a Volkswagen with a paper map. They got incredibly lost, arrived at their destination ‘the Romantic Hotel’ very very late and had to leave Rothenburg early the next morning. Suffice to say their memories of this storybook Village are not pleasant and quite brief. It was time to create new memories!

Now courtesy of google maps and a mobile, we were able to easily find that contraversial hotel!

Rothenburg is just as pretty if not more pretty than the brochures etc… Dotted through the town are Christmas shops, flower boxes and quaint signs. Everyone seems so happy- like Pleasantville.



We arrived in Bamburg, known as the ‘Franconia Rome’ in this part of the world with its 7 hills each with another ABC! It is however also known as the home of smokey beer.

A wander around the old town with its cathedral, its rose garden and the new residence for old prince- bishop gave us the layout of the land. The town also had some enticing gift shops.


A tour though the palatial prince-bishops’ palace showed us the extravagance of days gone by. Maybe this one could also go on Ms X’s list of Catholic buildings to sell.

Mr and Ms X met their Viking PD who informed them that she had organised a surprise. Mr and Ms X were treated to a private tour of the wine cellar that was hidden under the prince-bishops’ palace. Her friend, a tour guide coordinator graciously opened up for them and showed the pair through the cellars, complete with a wine of course.

Another wine on Wurzburg’s special bridge was another treat before heading back to the ship.


Another little town visited was Wertheim where we had the BEST guide ever-Ursula. She could have done stand up. Usula was proud of her town despite its predisposition to flooding. The way in which Ursula told the past and current story engaged all. It would become one of the most memorable spots on the tour.