On the way to Koblenz our Captain made a stop so that we could tour the 700 year old Marksburg Castle. Before reaching this destination, there had been another scenic sailing morning. This means, you find your favourite spot, sit back and listen to the commentary from the PD and enjoy the views.  A castle, a small village, some holiday makers, some vineyards whilst just relaxing with a coffee, a beer or a wine. It was a fantastic morning.

Marksburg Castle is a glimpse into the medieval days with nobody wishing that they belonged to those days. The trek up to the castle was enough of an effort without all the other harsh realities of everyday living.

There were great views also to be had.


So there are churches and then there is the Cologne Cathedral. To quote one of the more colourful fellow passengers , Mr S who uses a few words but on a regular basis, “See that cathedral…..it’s a big one”

Now Ms X has a LONG standing ritual across many European holidays. When she visits one of these European churches and there are LOTS of them, she finds an alter or statue of Mary and then lights a candle for both Ms C and Ms A for a happy life. At the Cologne Cathedral, this was no different. The going rate is usually €1. At the previous one visited, she did not have enough coins so dropped 50c in the slot, vowing to catch up the difference at the next ABC (another big church). She figures it all stays within the same firm.

So, at Cologne Cathedral, she again does not have the correct coins but again drew upon her her catch up system, and lights the tea light candle. This time as she is placing the lit candle on the frame, it falls down the back and onto the floor out of reach but still lit! She forgets where she is and lets out a very inappropriate “Oh Shit!!!!!” Mr X is watching from afar and says” did you really do what I think you did??” Despite hearing the sounds of a fire truck later in the afternoon, we did see the cathedral in the night sky as we sailed out later that night. 

In the spirit of fairness, Ms X offered to go on a German Beer and Dinner excursion. ( it was a weak moment by her) Once Mr and Ms X saw the group and the guide, they knew it wasn’t going to end well.

And it didn’t.  Mr and Ms X escaped the group after the 3rd venue which was 2 venues too many! Once back on board they enjoyed premium wines and bottomless beer steins and some friendly company.








Mr amd Ms X decided to stay on board when the shipdocked ar Kinderdijk for a couple of hours as they had already visited the windmill attraction on a previous trip to the Netherlands. Mr P travelled from Dordrecht to Kinderdijk by bike and water taxi to have one last catch up and to bid farewell which was appreciated.