And so it came to pass that Mr and Ms X had spent their 15 days on the river and it was that time when disembarkation called.  Before farewelling the Viking crew and its passengers, it was time to relive some of the memories and perhaps offer some advice to the newbies who would follow in their footsteps.

In no particular order….

1. When setting out on an organised adventure, don’t forget your ‘Quietvox’.  A Program Director really only wants to say it 3 times, not the 30 times that becomes the norm (especially to those pests in Stateroom 233)

2. Always wait until the Program Director dismisses you. Sometimes she may have prepared a joke and if you rush down to the restaurant to get a table by the window, you will never get to hear it.

3. Embrace ‘German Night’  but please don’t tell the Program Director she looks cute.. #justgowiththeflow #itiswhatitis

4. Make good choices about which pub crawl group you join. #nowordsneeded

5. Beware the sundeck and low bridges

6. Do what Aussies do well- commandeer the dance floor especially if it’s ‘I still call Australia home’ or ‘Highway to Hell’ 

7. Listen each night to Chef Yacob prior to dinner, make good choices (Mr X) and then make sure you eat what you have ordered  (Mr X) especially desserts!

8. Don’t be afraid to make friends especially with those who have amazing Cold War stories

And don’t forget to chat to your neighbours

9. Find a quiet spot when you need a bit of peace and quiet, wherever and whenever it may be. 

10. Be prepared to learn  from the masters!

11. Make sure you attend the daily briefings so you know what’s going on, but if you miss it you can always watch it on TV in your room.

12. Don’t be afraid to ask the Program Director for ideas for your free time -no one else seems to want to talk to her. ( yeah, right!)

13. Lastly, remember to tip the staff, especially the Program Director because she deserves it. She’s the glue.