It being their 4th visit to old London Town, Mr and Ms X had already ticked off almost all of the touristy places that someone visiting the city feels obliged to tick off. These few days would be a chance for them just to wander and explore.

But first to get there. After a few tears at the Viking disembarkation point as they farewelled Ms C, they made their way to Amsterdam Centraal Station (via Schipol Airport where bags were stored) in time to catch a train to Brussels and then board the Eurostar. ​Mr X had wanted to go through the tunnel, something Ms X had previously done. This was to become another place where Mr X slept through a train experience! Ms X reminded him when they eventually arrived that they could have taken a 1 hr cheap flight……. #justsayin


English Pubs

London Bridge

Notting Hill

Double deckers

The Thames

Portobello Rd

Leicester Square

‘Cream Teas’

Camden Market

Kings Cross

Grey skies


Covet Garden

Oxford Street

West End

Not a bad list of achievements Ms and Mr X for a weekend. Throw in a West End show, “Beautiful ” the Carol King story  as well.

So Mr and Ms X promised London that they would return some day and until then they will put their Oyster Cards somewhere safe.