There’s one word that describes New Orleans and that is ‘different’. The climate, the vibe, the traditions, the people and the food make it so very different to the many other American cities we have visited. From the noise and party-atmosphere of Bourbon Street to the quieter Royal Street, N’awlins offers variety on every street.

Our city- orientation  on our first night consisted of exploring whilst navigating the massive street works being undertaken due to the recent floods. 

We tasted gumbo, crab cakes, po-boys, beignets, jambalaya, bread pudding, red fin, alligator tails and sampled the local cocktails and local beers of course. We visited themed bars and novelty bars and some with links to history. We listened to jazz and all other forms of music to be heard along the streets. We enjoyed it all.
We even attended a New Orleans cooking school although our waistlines and arteries are still in shock just from watching all that butter, cream, sugar, more butter and more cream and sugar that was used!

We walked and walked and walked cos in N’awlins y’all don’t need to catch no bus! If those legs do get tired there are some trolley/tram cars that do run to where y’all want to go.

We visited the National World War 2 museum which was a bit special. Very well done. Had to drag Mr X out again as usual.

We will be back in a week N’awlins after we have done ya’ll some cruisin’.