Way back in 1991, our memories of Minneapolis centred around cold, freezing, snow, covered walkways …. did I mention the weather? Wind the clock forward and all that was missing was the snow however you would have sworn that it was nearby.

A stop in one of the Twin Cities does deliver however.

  1. For a start, it has the Mall of America which lays claim to be the biggest (and yes that it is a carousel in the middle of the shops)

2. It has culture! Our 2nd time to the Guthrie theatre and this time without a 6 year old         or 3 year old and this time we didn’t see ‘A Christmas Carol’ but saw “Blithe Spirit’.

3. One still gets around via the skywalk system (so you can keep warm) only now there        are so many more of them.


4. Being November there’s  a sneak peek of  Christmas decorations around each corner


5. If sport is your bag then there are the Minnesota Timberwolves to watch or you can have a snoop around the brand new Vikings Stadium which would soon host the famous Superbowl in 2018!