Lugo ain’t pretty but it sure has some history and some lovely people. We deliberately pointed our car there as we had read that it had some of the most intact Roman Walls in all of Europe. We weren’t prepared for how intact these were! Pretty amazing were those Romans back in their day. You can still walk around the top as we witnessed many locals doing, in what looked like their morning exercise routine. Now if only we could learn to build washing machines and dishwashers to last like those walls.

Stopping in at a local bar/cafe for a loo and a quick caffeine fix gave us another surprise. Along with the coffee came 4 complimentary pintxos and a biscuit!

No playground in the school? No worries. The students just play in the local street. And they were all wearing pinnies over their uniforms with their names embroidered on them. Even the staff!

Castro Urdialis

What a find this place was. A lovely harbour, non-touristy, lotsa dogs and oh so charming. Could have easily put our feet up somewhere in this town overnight.


The lure for this stop was an interesting bridge and a museum. Never quite found the bridge however we were more than compensated by the Guggenheim museum. Impressive, distinctive and with an added bonus. The Puppy monument that gets its flowers changed twice annually. Of course the scaffolding informed us that today was the day. We know someone who would have loved to have seen this in full bloom!


4 Guggenheims

2 apostles/saints

4 dead dictators