We don’t think anyone can prepare you for the land of pintxos. We had dipped our toes into this cuisine whilst we were in Santiago de Compostela however once we arrived in little old San Sebastián, we soon realised that we definitely had only a small taste of this style of eating.

Mr and Ms X were treated to a Pintxos Food and Drinks bar tour (Mother’s /Father’s Day gift) courtesy of Mr P and Ms C and were so glad that it had been scheduled for their first night in the town.

Codfish croquette

The 3 and 1/2 hr tour was an initiation into the best local places, the way in which you order, the local drinks and lots more.

Ms X passed on the cider however agreed to trying their local sparkling wine – which you have to pour like a cider…. Ms X used her skills as a novice spy to identify a cider dressed up as a sparkling wine. Sneaky!

San Sebastián has an inviting front beach with golden sands and a great promenade as well as a small surf beach. Mr and Ms X took the funicular to a vantage spot to get some great views of this city. A stop by a former queen’s summer/beach holiday palace was also interesting.She was one of those Hapsburg’s, Austria’s Queen Sissi’s sister. Ms X was right across this Spanish /Austrian setup.

As is the usual scenario, there’s a church poking out behind each corner. Both Mr and Ms X thought the understated St Vincent’s church had the most amazing (non-gold and non-marble) back drop behind the altar. A 3D wood carved mural adorned the back wall. Photos can’t do it justice.

And don’t forget to have a dessert pintxos to finish your gastronomic experience. There’s a restaraunt that has diners gathering outside in the laneway each evening feasting on their specialty- Cheesecake Pintxos!