Seville looks smart and stylish, and balances that tightrope of respecting its past whilst also not afraid to show off its current development.

The big thing that hits you in the face when you arrive is it’s cathedral, being the 2nd largest, only losing out to St Peter’s in Rome. Now we mean big when you look at the area it takes up in this city.

Apart from its size and stunning appearance it is also home to one of the world’s most famous explorers. As is the usual practice of these travellers who refuse to pay to enter a church as they believe their baptismal certificate should suffice, they chose not to get their wallets out here. Attending Mass at the cathedral did gain them access to see inside- for free!!Old Christopher Columbus, a favourite Spaniard has his remains contained here and his resting place is definitely not simple in nature!

Seville’s other big drawcard is the Real (Royal) Alcazar. A palace and gardens that have been meticulously maintained. Mr and Ms X easily spent over 2 hours there learning about what life was like pre and post those Moors. Yep, they built a fantastic base camp only to have those Christians come in and complete a takeover. Again.

Not everywhere is pretty and attractive in Seville however. Our travellers are still trying to figure out the monstrous Metropol Parasol which is a monstrous wooden structure plonked in the middle of the dead end of town. The locals refer to it as the ‘mushroom’. Maybe it needs to be seen to be believed but it does damage the style aspect of this beautiful city.

Mr and Ms X savoured their time in Seville, enjoying the freshly made churros (minus the chocolate 😉) watching the street performers, wandering through the old town and relaxing at the end of the day.