Ushuaia is the capital of Tierra del Fuego. It’s surrounded by mountains, a bay and the Beagle Channel. And, it’s so picturesque!

It is also a central point when setting off for Antarctica, as explorer Shackleton did many years ago. Today you can see some icebreakers and some supply ships ready to depart on their way to the research stations.

Ushuaia and its surrounds is also home to many wildlife and they all came out to say “hi” despite these retirees lobbing uninvited on their doorstep. The sea lions in particular seemed to put on a performance as if to show off.

There’s one in every group!

Whilst the penguins appeared to be clustered into many groups of friends and neighbours meeting up and having a day at the beach. It was great to see two different species of penguins (Magellanic and Humboldt ) all getting along. Could we all learn something from them?

Whilst all this was happening, the cormorants watched on as the albatross circled overhead. It’s like they were all doing their bit to keep order in case discussions on Trump, the stockpiling of toilet paper, Dan’s purple bin or the AFL suddenly became heated .

The oldest and most southerly Argentinian structure, its much photographed lighthouse, #attheendoftheworld seemed to provide a marker for those families migrating or nesting according to the season.

So as our tourists prepared to depart this beautiful part of the world, all that was left was for the grandkid-penguins to report back to grandma- penguin as to the temperature of the water. She wasn’t impressed as the next photo would have shown her toddling back up the shore.