“Sri Lanka?? You are off to Sri Lanka? Hmmm interesting” were some of the comments that we received when asked about our holiday plans.
Accommodating the needs and interests of 5 adults spread at different points on the globe when planning a holiday will always be a challenge. Finding ‘new’ destinations is another challenge when there are seasoned travellers involved however all agreed on Sri Lanka as the 2015 destination.
This time our Backpackingwithwheels bloggers, Mr and Ms X would be joined by daughter A and daughter C along with her partner P.

Melbourne airport was crazy on New Year’s Day, not a good sign on a whole lot of fronts. Exit rows become unavailable, long queues and people who don’t listen to simple instructions’Take your iPads out of your bags’ always let the team down.

A midnight flight means 2 things: board and sleep.
A baby directly in front and one directly behind meant that was never gonna happen! Despite Ms X and her earplugs, the sounds were penetrating and were a cross between a beached whale and a stuck pig(according to Mr X) yet Ms A simply said it was coming from something that wasn’t human. A  3 hour respite at KL airport gave some relief until one of the culprits parked themselves beside us in the transit lounge and continued the squawking!! ugh. Solution?? Just play a monotonous playlist on your laptop for yoursquawking   child and make sure you don’t have any headphones so you irritate passenges even more!
Sri Lankan airlines does a delicious breakfast according to Ms A who would gladly order that in a Restaraunt. You can’t get a better recommendation than that.