The plan was to check out of Dubrovnik, pick up the rental car and head to Split, via a visit to Mostar, Bosnia. This would make it country number 5 for our retirees. The slick operation had us all with allocated jobs and there was even a seating plan in the car! Nothing could go wrong hey?

Things we should have considered prior to the expedition:

Advice no 1:

Not all passport control points are inclusive. Some are for locals whilst others aren’t. This can then throw your plans out.

Advice no 2:

Google Maps or Which app to use? Decide, agree or be prepared to take different directions at crucial times!

Advice no 3:

Don’t run out of jelly 🐍 snakes on the way. You need a sugar hit when the going gets tough.

Advice no 4:

Never ask the parents/in laws what they think when lost. They should always be Switzerland.

Advice no 5:

Decide who to blame in advance, the navigator or the back seat driver.

Yes we got lost. Yes, there were friendly disagreements. And yes, there was a stop at a town that seemed to have nothing but a graveyard surrounded by a couple of houses. How we ended up here is still not clear but no one is owning it.

We finally made it to Mostar, a town that suffered greatly in the war in 1995. This little town in a small Balkan country of Bosnia and Herzegovina. We made our way to ‘Stari Most’ or the ‘Old Bridge’– Mostar’s famous bridge that looks like a big arc across its aqua waters. It was a victim of the Croat-Bosniak War. The bridge which was built in 16th century was reduced to rubbles during the war and was reconstructed in 2004. Prince Charles even came for its reopening so not sure if he and Camilla donated any ££££ for the project. 

The bridge was also made famous by Hamish and Andy who joined the traditional ritual of jumping from the bridge. We all have a new regard for these two as the dive is so high (twice the height of the Olympic diving platform) We watched some guy in his bathers tease us before and after lunch with his “will I jump antics?” as he waited for a tourist no doubt to pay for his services!

The market stalls and the delicious lunch of traditional Bosnian fare  made our pit-stop in Mostar even more worthwhile. We can recommend the Ćevapi – Bosnian kebabs: small grilled meat sausages made of lamb; served with onions, red capsicum sauce and Bosnian pita bread (somun).

The quote of the whole adventure came from Mr P who dreamed aloud, ” if only I could clone myself and be the driver and the navigator! ” But then we might never have seen the graveyard town Mr P. And where would we put Mr X in the car?